Pallet Paradise : In A Warehouse Dream

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Time Out’s top pick event for October. I was part of a team of 8 artists and 3 architects, we worked for over a year to create Pallet Paradise, which sees 629 recycled pallet boxes turned into an immersive installation in a Tottenham carpark. The labyrinth of performance spaces and secret rooms housed works combining digital, craft, sculpture, storytelling, music and painting for people to discover and be entertained by.

We themed the exhibition reflecting upon the ideas surrounding warehouse living and working environments

I wanted the audience to enter a dark corridor faced with the reality of having to then hunch and clamber in to an in known space.
A sensor is quickly triggered switching on the harsh security light.

The feeling of the installation allows for these thoughts of my live/work environment

Step on the ground of my unit.
Its dark but you bring it light.
See the colours that I see.
Plain light shines differently here.
Difference is welcome and accepted.
its real.
we need it.

This work falls largely in the conceptualising the viewers’ perceptions of ‘warehouse communities’ representing the alternative ideas of what makes the places. its not the walls but what the walls allow you to do. Its not just the materials it the people surrounding bringing communities together bring ideas together its you that inspires and becomes inspired.

Join me and see what is IN

in night   spot lightclosed insidesecret red 2secret red 1boys 1boy 2
























I enjoyed the interaction the audience had with the work. Theses boys above were standing around looking curious but something was stopping them from entering.. I coaxed them in and the elementary joy emerged… This reflected in my initial concept people are often afraid to live in an alternative way, but sometimes once they try they see its the perfect perhaps only way for them.

The secret little red room hidden within the multi levelled structure and cladded in reclaimed wooden disks, proved to be a popular with the performers and audience. They created their own stories during their occupation of the secret space.. A group of women hijacked the space for some time grabbing innocent people wandering past and pulled them into the red den chanting “One of us! One of us! One of us!” and then releasing the unsuspecting passer by.. a very unusual direction for the piece.

On reflection the very idea that people took this on as there own really fulfilled my idea for this work, and this form of interaction I hope to develop further. I want to inspire challenge, game, interaction, fun, interconnectivity. I want to move people out of a secure zone, making them question what they can do.. how they can be in the art, enjoy the art, grow the art.


The build also proved to have some incredible aspects that were lost in the cladding stages of the work, I just wanted to share some of them with you too.

open nightin open daycorner open dayside open daycara open side



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